Testimonials From Client of Life in Pixels - Bridgewater, NJ's Premiere Portrait Photography Studio


Some of our clients have worked with us once, then we parted ways.

Other clients have worked with us for years, never going with another photographer.

And then there are the ones who started out as clients, but who we now call our closest friends.  

That is why we do what we do.


"Kathleen was awesome! It was simple to schedule, she showed up at the house at the specified time and was so easy to work with. My 6 month old son took a real shine to her as well. The turnaround time for the photos was also amazingly quick--in a matter of a few days we had all of the photos from our session (even during the holidays). We are very happy with our family photos." 

"Amazing work by a great team!!!!! So worth it!!!! Talented talented talented!!!!! Extremely happy with my engagement photography!!!!"
-Karri J.

""It was an awesome experience getting the portrait session done for my little one. Kathleen was very patient and a thorough professional. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get portraits done for their babies."
-Prakash K.

"Everything I could have asked for. So sweet. If we lived closer I would remain life long friends! Extremely accommodating. Skilled and there for any occasion! I'm considering hiring them for my wedding even though we live over 1,000 miles away. I would be willing to pay for travel expenses they were so good!"
-Alissa S.

"I would never use any other photographers. We've done 3 shoots with them, engagement, wedding, anniversary, and I'm amazed how many photos I got. So happy I found them, and they made us feel so natural and easy to work with. They don't make you feel like you have to pose or do anything. So many shots came out, and we had no idea how they even took it, and every one is special. They send your pictures in a fast amount of time and all are so beautiful and edited, they send different versions of one shot, and I am always surprised at how natural the pictures look. For professional quality, and friendly easy to work with photographers who make you feel so normal in front of their lens', they are the best choice! They capture precious moments that you just don't want to miss, and it's always amazing to see what we get from each shoot. 

The people behind the camera are just that, people, people that make you smile and relax, and move naturally, and just be yourself, and that's the best photographer you could have. The angles and special shots they do are just beyond amazing to me, and I can't wait for my 4th shoot whenever that may be! They are lovely and friendly and so laid back and will do and give you whatever you want for your photos."
-Mandy R.
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