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Welcome to the Life in Pixels Photography blog! We are a maternity, newborn, children, and family portrait photography studio located in Bridgewater, NJ. Our clients are spread out throughout New Jersey, as well as NYC and eastern Pennsylvania, and we are available for both in-studio and on-location portrait sessions.

In our blog you will find information pertaining to our studio, highlights from recent sessions, as well as exclusive promotions and limited edition sessions we are offering. We also cover family-friendly topics such as local events, activities, and advice for parents of young children. 

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The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography
Friday, October 20, 2017
The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography

If you are a parent, you know how quickly time passes. You are holding your precious bundle of joy the day you give birth, then next thing you know, you are saying bye to them as you drop them off at preschool. You blink your eyes and they are graduating eighth grade. As badly as you want to freeze time, or even go back to when your little one was actually little, unfortunately that isn't how life works.That is what makes photography so very precious.While we may not be able to physically turn back the hands of time, photographs allow us to relive moments after they have passed. When you look at a photograph, it brings you into that moment- the moment the image was captured- and for a brief second, you get to treasure the time you can never get back.This is why what we do matters. This is what gives us so much joy with every session we capture, every client we book, every print we deliver. We give families the ability to treasure their past through tangible snapshots of precious moments.This is why we reiterate time and time again that professional photography shouldn't just be a once in a blue moon thing. Every single moment of your family's life together is precious, and deserves to be captured. Now, obviously it isn't realistic to hire a photographer to record your whole life, but it is realistic that once in awhile you can hire a photographer to just capture a day in the ...

Not Your Cookie Cutter Portrait Photographer
Wednesday, October 04, 2017
The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography

Here at Life in Pixels Photography, central NJ's premier boutique photography studio, we do much more for our clients than simply showing up for a shoot, taking the photographs, and then emailing or putting the captures up on some online gallery. We value our clients much more than that, and seek to turn every shoot we have into an experience right from the beginning.Unlike some, we make it a point to get to know our clients first through a free, in person consultation at our studio. This is important for a multitude of reasons--one of the most important being the time it allows us to familiarize ourselves with our clients, and thus go into the shoot with an individual strategy tailored specifically to the individual. This ensures not only that each client gets exactly what they are looking for, but that our work remains consistent without ever becoming stagnant. While we remain both photographers and artists, each individual client is the inspiration for our work. Therefore it is incredibly important to assess the needs, as well as the wants, of each individual client before every shoot. If we can go into a shoot knowing exactly what you are looking for, than we can not only deliver, but exceed everyone's expectations--and often even our own. If we know what you expect from us, this allows us to also push the boundaries of our own work. We are not afraid to step ...

Why You Should Invest in Lifestyle Photography
Tuesday, September 05, 2017
The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography?Lifestyle photography refers to approach to portrait photography that encompasses a more journalistic style than traditional posed shots. The idea of lifestyle photography is to capture your family in a way that showcases who you are, what you enjoy, and how you interact with each other on a daily basis. I would say that at least 75% of the portraits we capture lean more towards the lifestyle photography approach than the traditional posed captures. The exception being our newborn portraits and maternity portraits.When doing a lifestyle photography session, the goal is to tell a story- and that story should depict a normal day in the life of your family. There is little to no staging involved, nothing is forced, but instead, we just go with the flow and capture moments as they happen naturally. By definition, the word lifestyle means "a manner of living that reflects a person's values and attitudes". That is why the goal of lifestyle photography is to capture natural reactions, normal interactions, and the human emotion felt between you and those closest to you.Because of the nature of this form of photography, these sessions are typically quite long- lasting at least four hours, and sometimes even longer. If we were to try and capture true lifestyle portraits in a shorter period of time, we would be doing our clients ...

What Professional Portrait Photographer is Right for You?
Thursday, August 31, 2017
The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography

If you are like most people out there, you love the idea of having images of your children or family immortalized forever, to display, cherish, and pass down from generation to generation. However, also like most people, you probably have no idea where to start when it comes to locating, and then deciding on, the professional photographer that will best suit your needs as an individual,  and most importantly as a family. If you simply type "professional portrait photographer" into any search engine you are bound to come up with many results. Many may even look good at what they do judging by the portfolios on their website. Keeping in mind people only display their best work, you will probably be able to narrow a list down to ten or fifteen photographers or studios in your general area rather quickly. But then the question becomes how to further narrow down these results to find exactly what you are looking for, and get the final product you want and deserve. The following is a helpful list of questions to consider when trying to narrow your list of potential photographers to one or two--without even bothering to have to pick up the phone:What is your family's style?: Perhaps one of the most important questions to ask yourself is the style of portrait you will be looking for. If you try and force your entire family into clothing they are uncomfortable with, ...

How to Choose a Professional Photographer
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
The Passing of Time - Documenting the Little Things Through Photography

Choosing the right photographer to document a very important moment can be an incredibly stressful process. Unfortunately my wife and I hear way too many stories of special moments like portraits, engagements, and even weddings being poorly documented--or not documented at all--because the photographer either did a sub-par job, or simply did not show up. As true professionals in the industries, this makes us cringe--and truthfully get angry. So how can you tell a true professional from someone who just calls themselves one? Use of the following tips are generally good ways to ensure that you are dealing with a true professional photographer who will deliver on their implied promise to deliver quality images documenting your special moment:Take an in-depth look at their portfolio: Any professional photographer will have an online portfolio--so simply take a look at it with a more critical eye. Is the photographer simply reusing portraits in more than one category? Can you tell the photographer actually has work from more than one shoot they want to show off, or was their entire website created from images obtained during one photo shoot, and then re-purposed into different categories. If the photographer has a plethora of quality work across all their different portfolios, there is a good chance you are dealing with a quality photographer. Also, you should check ...