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Welcome to the Life in Pixels Photography blog! We are a maternity, newborn, children, and family portrait photography studio located in Bridgewater, NJ. Our clients are spread out throughout New Jersey, as well as NYC and eastern Pennsylvania, and we are available for both in-studio and on-location portrait sessions.

In our blog you will find information pertaining to our studio, highlights from recent sessions, as well as exclusive promotions and limited edition sessions we are offering. We also cover family-friendly topics such as local events, activities, and advice for parents of young children. 

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Caring For Your Art - How to Protect Prints, Albums, and More
Friday, November 24, 2017
Caring For Your Art - How to Protect Prints, Albums, and More

At Life in Pixels, we believe strongly in the importance of quality portrait art that can be cherished for generations. While we do our best to only rely on some of the most reputable labs around, once you receive your finished art, it becomes your responsibility to care for it and ensure that it remains just as breathtaking as the day you first saw it. Caring for your art doesn't have to be daunting and time consuming, but ensuring that you care for it properly will help protect your investment and the look and quality of the piece. Depending on what products you end up with, the care instructions will differ, which is why we decided to put together this blog post to ensure that you know how to care for each individual piece of portrait art. Basic Care Instructions for Your ArtWhile we ensure that we only order products from quality labs that meet our high expectations, it is important that you know how to care for your photographs so that they remain in good condition for as long as possible. If handled properly, your art should last your whole lifetime, and even your children's' lifetime. Maintaining a suitable environment for your art is the first thing you should do to protect it from external factors that can cause damage- such as humidity, heat, and extreme temperature fluctuations. The ideal storage conditions for most photographs is around 86 ...

New Collection of Image Boxes Offered by Life in Pixels Photography
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Caring For Your Art - How to Protect Prints, Albums, and More

When we are hired to capture portraits for you and your loved ones, our job doesn't just involve creating a stunning image. The image is only part of the final product. It is only once we take the portraits we have created and turn them into stunning, tangible heirloom art that they become finished works for each of our clients.Due to popular demand, we have expanded our selection of image boxes, now offering three luxurious and unique styles of this versatile product!After seeing the excitement on our clients' faces after receiving their image boxes, we knew we found a product that people would be proud to display in their home. That was when we began hunting for the best of the best folio boxes to offer our clients.Previously, we only offered one box. While it had a variety of different options that allowed you to customize it to meet your specific needs, we knew that if we prided ourselves on treating all of our clients as unique individuals, we needed to find unique products that were just as special as the people who hire us to capture their portraits.We now offer three different image boxes with a variety of options that allow you to customize it however you see fit. Made with the finest Italian leather, all of our boxes are of the highest quality- designed to not just last years, but generations. They are not only stunning, but also versatile- allowing you to ...

Image Folio Boxes: Versatile Portrait Art
Thursday, July 06, 2017
Caring For Your Art - How to Protect Prints, Albums, and More

Here at Life in Pixels Photography, we only offer our clients the highest quality products to display their new portraits-- from luxurious leather albums to breathtaking wall art. This is why we are very pleased to announce a new product we are very excited to add to our already extensive line of heirloom portrait art: the folio box. With an almost infinite amount of options for customization, each box will be catered to your individual taste. From the color and the material of the cover right down to the twenty-eight colors available for the sateen ribbon itself, virtually every aspect of the folio box can be chosen to perfectly compliment the portraits captured by Life in Pixels -- up to and including how it is displayed in your home. While the folio box makes a lovely coffee table piece, it can also stand on its own--making it perfect for displaying this treasured family heirloom on your mantelpiece.Adding to the versatility of our folio box, you can also use one frame and switch out the prints as often you like, using any of the ten matted portraits that come in your custom box. We offer both a Premiere and a Deluxe option for our Folio Boxes, both available in our Grande and Petite sizes, each offering their own sense of uniqueness and splendor. The Premiere Folio Box: The more upscale of the two options, our ...

Luxurious Leather Albums : Heirloom Portrait Art
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Caring For Your Art - How to Protect Prints, Albums, and More

At Life in Pixels, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful portraits for our clients that are designed to be displayed throughout their home- whether this is through stunning wall art, luxurious albums, or versatile image folio boxes. All of our products are created by some of the most reputable professional labs in the United States, using archival paper and ink designed to last not just years, but generations. We truly believe that the only way to display captivating portraits is through quality heirloom art guaranteed to meet the highest of standards. One of our most popular sellers are our luxurious albums, which can all be completely customized to meet your specific needs. We offer two different albums, our premiere album and our deluxe album. Both options are available in an 8"x8" size and a 12"x12" size, and come complete with a padded, black, one piece, felt lined box. This beautiful box is the perfect way to protect your new album when it isn't being displayed.The Premiere AlbumOur premiere album is our more luxurious option, designed to wow any client who sees it. Sophisticated, sleek, and elegant, this album can be customized to meet the exact specifications you desire. Starting with the cover, clients have the choice of over 60 different leatherette, buckram, or leather materials. If you are looking to showcase one of your portraits ...